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STUDY at Advent

Sunday, October 17, 2021 at 3:00 ET

"Speak Out Boldly" (Numbers 27:1-11)

Our studies this week are brought to us by the World Council of Churches, whose mandate is to inspire the worldwide fellowship of churches to work together for unity, justice and peace.


This series is part of their Thursdays in Black campaign.

To download the study materials for our first session, please click here.


To join the discussion, please click on the Zoom icon or use the passcode below.









Meeting ID: 712 3348 2056

Passcode: yv05TG


Every Thursday, people around the world wear black as a symbol of strength and courage, representing our solidarity with victims and survivors of violence, and calling for a world without rape and violence. Thursdays in Black encourages everyone, men and women, to wear black every Thursday.

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